Daler Camping

1 night-stop camper (RV):

1 night stop camper (RV):
When you stay at Daler Camping, you can be sure that you are getting a safe
and peaceful night. You report to the house, pay and You park the RV at the location(s) 
indicated on the P-paved terrain. Additionally, you can use the fine motor motorhome
facilities at the campsite.
Arrival is from 8 p.m. till 10 p.m.; please arrive no later than that time, for the silence of the Campsite.  Departure is no later than 10 a.m. the next day.
*The mentioned discount offer does not apply in this 1 STOP arrangement.

150 dkk  / € 21,= incl. 2 adults, exclusive electricity and environmental charge. If more people stay in the camper (RV) or if there is a different composition than 2 adults, the following prices apply:
Child: 0-1 year: GRATIS/FREE
Child: 2-15 year: 45,00 dkk / € 6,30
Extra Adult: 75,00 dkk / € 10,50
Environmental charge: 10,00 dkk / € 1,40 p.p.
Electricity/Power, per day.
Starts on arrival day and stops on leaving day:   
Electricity/Power:           3,65 dkk per kWh and 10,00 dkk per day powercounter 
Electricity/Power            35 dkk per day (4 Amp) (15 pitches)
Electricity/Power:           45 dkk per day (10 Amp)(8 pitches)
Electricity/Power:           55 dkk per day (13 Amp) special for campervans (3 pitches)