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Covid-19; corona

Measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus


A warm welcome. A special protocol currently applies to our company in connection with the coronavirus. Our company follows the guidelines as determined by RIVM (Netherlands) and the national government. We also take a number of extra measures to prevent the virus from spreading. Would you like to cooperate with the regulations below to protect each other's health?
The corona virus
* Spreads mainly through cough and sneeze droplets hanging briefly in the air. Outside the body, the virus only survives briefly.
* For all guests: if you have a fever or have a cold you will not come to our company. Then stay home. This also applies to your family members.
What can you do yourself?
* Do not give hands, hugs or kisses. * Keep 1.5 meters apart.
* Wash your hands regularly, with water and soap for more than 25 seconds.
* Cough and sneeze in a tissue or on the inside of your elbow.
* Use tissue paper and throw it away afterwards.
* Report immediately if someone is ill by contacting the local doctor by telephone and inform us!
* We point your spot. Keep 1.5 meters away from others. The playground equipment is accessible but be sensible. If it gets too busy, find another place to play with your kids.
Front desk
* We are open but will keep your distance. We don't shake hands. Come with one person at a time. We ask for your patience.
* When the reception is closed call +45 53263547 Diana
Information provision
* Make sure that your contact details are known to us. We can then quickly inform you about matters that are relevant.
* Day visit or visit is unfortunately not allowed at this time.
Sanitary building
* The sanitary building is cleaned more often and with extra hygiene measures. The number of users in the sanitary building is limited. Pay attention to the regulations and keep 1.5 meters away. We regularly check whether everyone adheres to this. The showers are used only rotated and cleaned regularly.
* It is allowed to wash in the toilet building. But it is safer to use your own washing-up bowl by your caravan or tent.
* The chemical toilet disposal site is open.
Catering industry
* Only take away sandwiches / breakfast package is possible. We agree with you for a time so that you do not have contact with other guests. It is forbidden to eat food on the spot.
* Keep 1.5 meters away.
General practitioner
* The general practice in Højer is at:
Læge Uwe Karstensen, Låningen 1, Phone: (+45) 74782000
* Out of practice hours (16.00-08.00), on weekends and public holidays 1st aid:
First call (+45) 70110707 they determine where you will be helped and at what time. That may be in Tønder, but you may also need to come to Sønderborg sygehus (hospital).
* These are special times and these require special measures. The safety of you and our staff is central to our regulations. The following references apply to the rules for tourist guests, as stated in the RECRON (Dutch compagny) General Terms and Conditions for Tourist Stay, Article 9 paragraph 3
Bookings and payments
* Book and inquire online, you can do this via our website www.dalercamping.eu. Of course you can also email us at 6280dalercamping@gmail.com or call us
(+45) 53263547 Diana or (+45) 53263546 Marcel.
* Pay in advance online so you don't have to go to the reception for the bill. This can be done on the ING account number: IBAN: NL75INGB0750049618. BIC: INGBNL2A Attn: M.F.C.Fonville, Hvidstrengvej 4, 6280 Daler, Denmark.
* Do you have questions about this protocol or anything else?
Call (+45) 53263547 Diana
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