Daler Camping


We are now a "Bike-friend camping", so cyclists are very welcome. In the event of a breakdown, we have a toolbox with auxiliary materials. Welcome!
Dutch organization: "vrienden op de fiets", when you translate that it is: friends on bicycles. 
Signpost for route 1, the North Sea coast route
The Royal March Route: Cycle Route 401:
This is a "both-and" ride on a bicycle. In bicycles in both Denmark and Germany. You see both the story of the hard-working peasants in Tøndermarsken and the story of the impressive royal mansion, Schackenborg. And the bike ride goes both through the small peaceful villages and to Denmark's oldest market town, Tønder, with trade and activity. Our campsite is between number 4 and 5.
  • West coast route: 560 km from Rudbøl to Skagen
  • Denmark's national cycle route 1 - The west coast route runs along the sea, forest and fjord, the Danish North Sea coast and UNESCO's world natural heritage Wadden Sea. It is one of Denmark's longest signposted cycle routes and goes through some of the most beautiful and varied nature in Denmark.
  • It takes the cyclist through the marshes, heaths and forests and over the dunes; past the fjords and through two national parks in Thy and the Wadden Sea as well as the Nature Park North Sea, just as it comes through several cities such as Denmark's oldest city, Ribe. In short - no other national cycle route contains such great contrasts as the West Coast Route. The West Coast Route is a 560 km long story about man, nature and the sea. A story about life on the terms of nature.
  • You must follow route number 1 when you are cycling the West Coast Route. The route is signposted all the way. 12 indicates the North Sea route which runs from Scotland to Norway and through Denmark. With almost 6000 km, the route is the world's longest signposted cycle route.
  • 70% of the West Coast Route runs on asphalt. But there are also short stretches of stable sand and stone flour such as nature bike trails in Thy National Park. We recommend wide decks to cover the route.
  • 9 break points have been set up along the route. They are specially designed pitstops for the cyclist. Here you can find information and relax with hammocks etc. Several places also have electricity for the electric bike and drinking water.