Daler Camping

(UK) Future:

We have a permit to place two "gypsy wagons", each 10 m2.
Unfortunately, we don't have the money for investment right know, we hope in the near future the possibility to stay in a gypsy wagon on Daler camping.

A different and tough overnight stay at  Daler campsite?

Can you soon sleep in a sea container?

We have made windows in a sea container. The walls insulated with stone-
wool and covered with pallet wood. Dressed with curtains, a fixed table, paintings and you can use power to charge your mobile phone. 
For the shower and the toilet you can use the facilities of the campsite. Mid-2018 it is possible to stay overnight here. 
Update: In use since May 2018 and since the winter of 2018/19 the ceiling has also been insulated with recycled rock wool, against which plates have been applied. More information elsewhere on the website.