Daler Camping
http://www.metdeautoopvakantie.be/denemarken/sonderjylland on this site is much
more information about this part of South Jutland. With the permission of Luc and
Hermine from Belgium there are also bits of text from them on this site of Daler Camping.

Sights to see:

The Marguerite Route:

Marguerite Route is the most famous route across Denmark.
Motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists can use this route.

Which also is a nice trip is to visit Højer, a village with well maintained farms and houses. Højer also has a windmill from 1857 with a mill and marsh museum.
There are two locks in Højer: Højer Sluse, built in 1861 and Vidå Sluse, built in 1980. North of Højer is Emmerlev Klev, a cliff high enough to hold back the sea. You can also see the Rømø and Sylt in clear weather.

Through the Tøndervej you are in 6 minutes from Daler Camping, by car, (4 km) in Højer.
Legoland in Billund