Daler Camping

Start of the campsite:

Denemarkenfan Marcel Fonville (53) is dreaming for years to begin a campsite.
Together with his wife Diana (51) and daughters Carmen (13) and Laura (9), they see in February 2016, with browsing on Facebook; in a very quiet area a farmhouse with a large piece of land that was for sale. The mentioned ages are from the year 2016.
The family is instantly in love with the beautiful location and will thought of emigration. We visited during our vacation in may 2016 Daler campground and emigration was more realistic. Our house in IJsselstein (NL) came on the marked for sale, we terminated our jobs and at the school of the daughters, then it was time to leave.
The removal contractor came, and on 22 September (2016) we did arrive in the campervan VW LT 40 at Daler campsite near the town of Højer in South Denmark.

On October 1, 2016, we were the proud owners of Daler camping
Picture taken by start of the camping, from left to right; Diana(owner), Carmen, Marcel (owner) and Laura.